Have your phone answered on an ongoing basis or during times you need additional support

The choice is yours!

You may shudder when the phone rings and hate the interruption of a phone call and wish to outsource all your incoming calls to a virtual receptionist. Or you may have busy periods (i.e. bookings at peak times) where you need a backup receptionist to take overflow calls.

The beauty of our virtual reception service is that it’s flexible to suit your business.

You can get us to make your reservations, make bookings or just take a message. And we can answer common FAQs your customers ask with answers you provide to us upon signing up.

Here’s what you get from our virtual reception service

Our plans start from a low $55 per month and include:

  • A dedicated phone number
  • Calls answered with your personalised greeting
  • A dedicated receptionist who your clients will get to know
  • Backup receptionists in time of leave or illness
  • Calls answered 9am to 5pm (Canberra time), Monday to Friday
  • Nighttime and weekend answering by arrangement if needed
  • Voicemail to email options for after-hours

How a virtual receptionist benefits your business

When customers call, they expect instant answers. It’s how the world is. If you miss a call, you’ll lose a potential customer. And you don’t want to do that.

Having a virtual receptionist means your calls will be answered, by the same friendly voice your customers will come to know and trust. And from the feedback we’ve received, there’s nothing better than calling a company and having a real human answer the call without an automated message!

A virtual reception can also do so much more than simply answer calls for you by taking bookings and answering questions.

And the beauty of Office Work for You is that we also offer virtual business administration services for business to consumer and hospitality service businesses.

Does the thought of no more phone calls get you excited?
Get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know how it all works and get you started on the path to phone freedom.