Admin lover, event planner, juggler. 

I take care of business admin for professional speakers, corporates and hotels.

I’m an experienced Event Planner and Business Administration Specialist based in Canberra.

I help professional speakers, corporates and hotels to produce amazing events and get their business administration done.

My business is me. My reputation. My 17+ years’ experience in reception, revenue management, hotel management, front office, back office and much, much more.

And I can actually juggle – like really juggle (with balls).



So what’s in
this for you?
  • A professional, skilled, reliable business admin service you use when you want to.
  • A range of different services and packages tailored to suit your own business.
  • An affordable outsourced business admin service which is much cheaper than hiring an in-house employee.
  • On-site help when needed (if based in Canberra and surrounds).
  • A juggling demonstration (if you’re lucky enough!).




Without sounding old I’ve got many, many
years of experience…

Starting out many years ago helping in my parent’s family business, I learnt quickly what how much work it is to run a business. I sucked up all the knowledge I could from my parents but then decided it was time to spread my wings.

The following 17 years found me working in various hotels and offices, doing a range of administration jobs and seeing all the sides of different businesses.

So I decided it was time to start my own business back in 2012, ‘Office Work for You’. I now work remotely, in my own office, doing business admin for speakers, corporates and hotel managers.






And I promise you’ll find it easy
to work with me.

I am experienced in the virtual world and know it takes time and trust to outsource your business admin or events. I understand you want things to be perfect, and that sometimes it’s hard to let go of the control.

All virtual relationships take a bit of time to iron out all the bugs and to learn how each other works, but I guarantee you it’s so worth it in the long run.

Imagine having your whole event planned, all your event documents created, all your guests fully looked after – without lifting a finger to help. You’ll soon want to plan more events as you’ll see how easy it can be when you have an event planner on your virtual team.

Or think about how great it would feel to have an empty inbox at the end of the day, knowing all of your clients have been taken care of and you can go home to actually switch off.

I’ll guide you through the entire virtual relationship building phase and put in place processes that will make outsourcing your business admin easy.

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